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Studio Etiquette


New students should complete our New Client Information Pack and bring it with them to class.


Studio Etiquette - Be Mindful of others! Please follow so that you and your fellow students will have an enjoyable and beneficial experience!

Sign in for classes online. Students can drop in, however, class may be full or canceled. Online sign- in closes 1 hour prior to the start of class. Within the hour of the class you will have to call us @ 678.765.8110 to be placed into the class.

If you are signed up for a class but do not show you will not be charged unless it is the Cardiolates class. In this case if you have an unlimited monthly package you will be charged $5.00.

Students may come in as early as 15 minutes prior to class.  If you arrive earlier, we ask that you please wait quietly in the waiting area.

Please be respectful of instructors and other students by arriving PRIOR to the time that class is to begin. Give yourself enough time to get settled so that class can start on time without disruption. Instructors will not wait for those arriving at the start of class. Once class has begun,  you risk the chance of the front door  being  locked. If it is locked we DO NOT interrupt class for those who are late.

Please do not wear perfumes, oils, (even natural ones), or other strongly scented body products as many people are sensitive to scents.

Quietly enjoy your conversations with other students and teachers. Be mindful of others. As class begins, let go of conversations.

Please turn cell phones off.

Do not wear or bring shoes into the studio area.

Do not clutter the area around your mat. Only mat, towel, water and props if needed, should be brought into the studio area. Place all other items in the cubby area.

All class packages have an expiration date. It is the student’s responsibility to take all classes within the time allotted. We do not offer extensions on expiration dates, refunds or credits.


Classroom Tips

1.) Seek advice from physician before beginning any type of exercise program, including Pilates & Yoga. We do not diagnose illness, disease, physical or mental conditions, prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals.
2.) Eat 1½ to 2 hours before your class, or eat light. Be well hydrated. Have water available. Water only is allowed in the studio area.
3.) Wear well fitted yoga/exercise clothing free of belts and buttons.  Also the use of lotion before practice may cause slipping and interfere with class.

4.) Pilates, Yoga and Cardiolates are all practiced bare feet. Barre is required to have grippy yoga socks. Hubolates and Cardioblast require sneakers

5.) Bring a mat to class. You can RENT one for $10.00 or purchase one from $15.00-$50.00.
6.) For your first class, please arrive at least 10- 15 minutes early.


Answers to Your Questions about Pilates

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. If we have not answered your questions, please contact us—we will either respond to your question within 24 hours or begin researching it for you.
1. What Is Pilates?
Pilates is a "functional" method of exercise. In your daily life, you bend, twist, reach, overly extend, lose your balance, and catch yourself falling. Pilates helps you learn to do these habitual things with ease, strength, and greater awareness. Pilates works on building a stronger and better functioning body as a whole, rather than isolating muscles individually.

The Pilates method first builds a strong core and then uses the core strength to help balance the rest of your body for improved stability and agility. In Pilates, we aim to lengthen tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles to align the spine and bring the body into a better and more harmonious balance. Conclusively, it creates equilibrium to keep the body able to move and perform at its optimal best. With all this hard work also comes a beautifully leaner and more toned individual.

2. What Are the Benefits of Pilates?

  • Longer, Leaner Muscles
  • Greater Range of Motion
  • Heightened Body Awareness
  • Improved Posture
  • Balanced Strength & Flexibility
  • Complement for Other Exercises
  • Managed Stress
  • Stronger, More Stable Joints
  • A Strengthened Core
  • Greater Back & Limb Support
  • Injury Prevention
  • Enhanced Sports Performance
  • Improved Circulation
  • Greater Coordination

3. How Long until I See Results?
You will feel the results before you see them. How long it takes to see the results depends on your physical fitness before Pilates, the amount of time you devote per week, and whether you use private or group sessions. Other factors include whether or not you have injuries and if you participate in any other physical activity outside of your Pilates session. If you're taking private Pilates sessions 2 to 3 times per week, you will see results within the first 2 to 3 weeks and feel the difference within the first 3 sessions.

4. How Many Times a Week Should I Do Pilates?
For best results, Pilates should be done at least 2 to 3 times per week. One time per week is only enough for maintenance.


5. Is It Better to Start with Classes or Private Sessions?
If affordable, it's best to start with private sessions to get your instructor's full attention. Everyone's body is different and you may need more understanding of certain principles than others in a class setting. Private classes are also recommended so that you start off with the proper understanding of Pilates and that you're using the right form before you go into a group setting.

6. Do Men Do Pilates?
Yes. Many men do Pilates and its popularity is growing among the male population. Today, men in the field of health care and professional athletes are the biggest advocates of Pilates. Just ask your own doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor.


7. Can I Do Pilates While I Am Pregnant?
Every pregnancy is different, so it's required that you consult with your physician to find out what is right for your body during your pregnancy. There are some exercises that are fine for some pregnant woman, but not for others. If your physician gives you the OK, moderate Pilates can actually be beneficial for a pregnant woman.

Pilates exercises strengthen the deep pelvic floor muscles, which is beneficial to having a quick and easy labor and recovery. It's important to remember pregnant women's bodies go through many changes over the course of a pregnancy, and exercise must be modified to be safe during these changes.

The amazing thing about Pilates is that a qualified instructor can create a safe, modified workout to suit anyone's ability and limitations. Make sure you inform your instructor of exactly what your physician's recommendations are for you, and be sure to drink lots of water and avoid overexerting yourself.

8. Are Mat or Equipment Sessions More Effective?
Mat and equipment sessions are equally effective. The difference between the two is that mat exercises can be done anywhere anytime, but there is only moderate added resistance. On the equipment, you have added resistance from the spring tension and the machines are better for correcting muscle imbalances in the body. The equipment was initially designed to help the individual perform the mat exercise more proficiently.

9. What Is the Difference between Pilates and Yoga?
In yoga, you move from one static pose to another without repetitions. In Pilates, the exercises are more methodical, dynamic, and anatomically safe for joints. Pilates and yoga are often thought to be similar because both methods require the mind-body connection, focus on breathing, and produce long, lean musculature without adding bulk.

10. Is Pilates Difficult?
Everyone can do Pilates. There are different levels of Pilates ranging from beginner to advanced. Certain Pilates exercises are more challenging for some people than others. An advanced client may find an exercise difficult that a beginner eases through because of their different body types. The great thing about Pilates is that you can always move at your own pace-there modifications and pacing for every level and body type.


11. Can I Do Pilates if I Have a Bad Back?
Be sure to consult your physician first, but done consistently with a certified and experience instructor, Pilates can tremendously help your back. By strengthening your core muscles, Pilates will help you achieve the support and strength your back needs. It would not be safe to attempt Pilates on your own; a qualified instructor can make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly. He or she has the knowledge to modify certain exercises to your body's specific needs and limitations.


12. Will Pilates Alone Help Me Lose Weight?
Pilates will help you lose weight with the addition to cardiovascular exercise and reduced caloric intake. The best form of exercises to pair together for weight loss are resistance training (such as Pilates) and cardiovascular exercise (such as Cardiolates or Zumba).

13. Why Should I Do Pilates over Any Other Form
of Resistance Training?
1. Pilates is something you can do forever without causing wear and tear in your joints.

2. Pilates improves your posture, body awareness, and coordination.

3. The spring resistance used on Pilates machines closely imitates the muscle contractions of the human body.

4. Pilates brings the body to a greater state of equilibrium by working toward balancing strength with flexibility and correcting the muscular imbalances in the body that lead to injuries.

5. Anyone can do Pilates regardless of age or level of physical fitness.

14.  How Old/Young Do I Have to Be to Do Pilates?
You are never too old to do Pilates. We allow children ages 4 and up for private sessions and/or the "Mommy and Me" sessions.

15. Will I Become Taller from Doing Pilates?
Pilates helps you to strengthen your deep abdominals, which support the rest of your body and emphasize posture. Our exercises are designed to stretch your spine and strengthen your postural muscles, which help you hold yourself up tall with good posture effortlessly. Once these groups of muscles have been strengthened and stretched, you'll appear and actually seem taller.

16. Should I Do Any Other Exercise Routine
in Addition to Pilates?
Pilates and some form of cardiovascular activity is all your need. However, Pilates complements all other forms of exercise. If you need to include some cardiovascular activity to your exercise regimen, ask your instructor to include rebounding. Its benefits include core strengthening and cardiovascular activity in one!

17. Why Are Springs Used for Resistance
on Pilates Equipment?
As your muscles contract, the springs supply gradual resistance to make sure your muscles are working correctly in a way that does not cause as much stress on the muscle's tendons and ligaments.

18. What Do I Wear to Do Pilates?
You can wear anything that you are comfortable working out in, but short shorts are not recommended. Fitted workout attire is best so that your instructor can see your abdominal engagement and spinal articulation. Pilates is done either barefoot or in grip socks. Please refrain from wearing clothing with zippers, jewelry, perfumes, and lotions while working out.

19. Will I Be Sore after Pilates?
It depends on a number of factors. You don't have to be sore after your Pilates workout for it to be effective. Sometimes people who are physically fit do not feel sore after their workout because they are not necessarily using muscles that have never been used before, or they are not using their core to its deepest ability to initiate the movement.

Some beginners may take a few sessions too really get proper engagement to feel muscle soreness post-workout. If you have a concern, speak with your instructor. He or she is more than willing to help you achieve your goals and answer any of your questions. When you do experience soreness, it should not be anything that keeps you from your daily activities, but you will begin to become aware of muscles you have never used before or realized you had!

20. I heard Pilates can make sex better Is this true?
Practicing Pilates makes sex better for some obvious reasons. It makes you stronger and more flexible. It makes you feel more confident about your body by focusing on what it can do and not what it looks like, but it helps you have a smokin' body anyway. Let's be honest; for a woman, feeling hot yourself is as much of a turn on as thinking your partner is hot. Knowing your booty looks great in a pair of jeans goes a long way as an aphrodisiac. However, even a healthy dose of narcissism is not enough to fully explain why Pilates makes sex better for women and their partners.The real secret is that Pilates strengthens your pelvic floor, so while Pilates has a GREAT health benefit it also has an even greater sex benefit.

21. Why Are Pilates Sessions Expensive?
Quality Pilates instructors are not as easy to find as a personal trainer at your local gym. Quality instructors teach privately and/or at quality studios or with physical therapists/chiropractors. We are all certified with the most qualified education. We've gone through intense training and education to help you achieve the most functional body possible. Our hard work helps you fix and maintain your most important instrument-your body.

Testimonials from Rainbowers who have done Pilates while Pregnant

  • I began attending classes at Rainbow Pilates for a couple of years prior to becoming pregnant. During that time I was able to lose weight and become a much healthier person which I believe helped me to be ready for pregnancy. During my pregnancy, the instructors were excellent in giving me direction in ways that I should modify some of the exercises that we were doing. They were very informative and kept me active in a healthy way. When it came time for delivery, I felt strong and ready for that challenge. It turned out that I had to have a c-section, but I truly believe that if I had not had the benefit of routine exercise that I would not have recovered as quickly as I did. I was able to enjoy my time with my newborn and I looked forward to getting right back into Pilates after having my baby...... I can't give Rainbow Pilates a higher recommendation. They changed my body and my life.               -Crystal Langley

  • When I first started Pilates with Sonya I was 11 months postpartum with my first child. I was under the impression the weight would just fall off as it had for my mom but there I was with 12-15 lbs and abs that just would not come back in. I did it for 3 months and was seeing some results but then I got pregnant again. I was pretty down because I hadn't lost all my weight from the first and I thought I would just pack on the same amount of weight in addition to what I had gained with my first. I committed to doing Pilates 2-3 times a week throughout my pregnancy. I ended up not only gaining 10 lbs less than my first pregnancy but after birth it literally fell off and my abs barely needed any pulling in because they had remained tight during my pregnancy. A week after I only had 6lbs to lose and I was in my pre-pregnancy jeans within a month. The other things that happened during my pregnancy is way less back pain. I had major problems with my lower back and had a tough time walking at times during my first pregnancy. Pilates focuses heavily on your lower back and it made a huge difference. I was in shock but Sonya really knows what she is doing...never done another workout that made such a difference in my body.                                                                                                 -Rosanna Herd

  • I have been taking Sonya's Pilates class for over 5 years. I watched my body change, my core strengthen and my energy rise. I became pregnant two years ago and continued to go to her classes until a month before I had my baby. It helped me keep my muscles strong for my birth, and afterward, my body recovered quickly ( I was back in class two weeks later!) Going to her class is not just another day at the gym, it's a place I want to be, and be a part of. Sonya makes her tough routines fun with her awesome personality and energy. I'm a lifer at Rainbow Pilates                                    -Melissa Jennings

  • I took my first Pilates class one year ago and I became hooked immediately. I absolutely loved the way the exercises make me feel: energized, healthy, and strong......With my first two pregnancies I didn't really exercise other than walking, and now with my third pregnancy I wanted to continue with my classes because I knew it would be beneficial not only during pregnancy but during labor as well. I was considered somewhat high risk during the first trimester, and so I decided to take a hiatus from Pilates and focus on the Yoga/Barre Flow classes during that time. The Yoga classes were great not only physically, by keeping me flexible, but I also think they helped my (worried) state of mind due to the calming and meditative aspect.....Once I was safely in the second trimester I couldn't wait to get back to the Pilates classes I love! Sonya has been so helpful in modifying some of the exercises for myself and the other mommies-to-be..... In addition to Pilates I have been enjoying the Barre Fusion Flow classes during my second trimester. These classes are making my legs and lower body feel so strong, and I like how we incorporate resistance and light weight training in as well....... Rainbow Pilates has been instrumental during this exciting time in my life. There are different classes for each stage of my pregnancy to help keep me toned, flexible, and ready for what's to come.                                - Emily Gay

  • I have been taking pilates classes at Rainbow Pilates since October 2012.  A few years later when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, Sonya was great at "quietly" showing me how to modify the exercises to ensure I stayed safe in the 1st trimester (because I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret)....I continued to take mat pilates twice a week throughout my entire pregnancy - I was actually dressed to come to class when the OB told me to plan to go to the hospital! ....I had a easy delivery and recovered well since I stayed in great shape, thanks to pilates!! I started back in class 8 weeks later and I was back in my skinny jeans 4 months later! Rainbow Pilates is the best!!!                      -Kristen McFarland

  • Continuing to exercise at Rainbow Pilates throughout my entire pregnancy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I truly believe staying in shape and remaining flexible helped to make my labor and delivery much easier. All of the positions they demonstrated in childbirth classes were easy and familiar because I was used to practicing them in pilates and yoga. Sonya and the other instructors made sure to provide modifications at each trimester to make sure I was still able to get a good workout in while ensuring the safety of my baby. They made me feel comfortable even when I struggled with adjusting to my growing tummy. I'm proud to say I was able to deliver naturally without any drugs and I'm sure Rainbow Pilates played a role!!   - Dr. Lakeisha Johnson

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