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Meet Our Pilates Leader

Sonya Simpson is the director of Rainbow Pilates. Her Pilates training  was through McIntyre Pilates. The difference in the McIntyre Pilates program is it was not only tailored to learn the dynamics of Pilates, but also was taught by a licensed physical therapist who went into post-rehab scenarios and the entire anatomy of the body. This is monumental when understanding different body types so everyone can benefit from Pilates.

Sonya-Owner, Rainbow Pilates in Suwanee, GA

Her Experience
Sonya has been in the wellness industry since 2009 after being in real estate for more than 10 years. Sonya states, "I decided I wanted to make a change, and I started within myself first. When my body started changing I realized I wanted to help others do the same."

Sonya is very passionate about changing lives one person at a time. Her specialty is in the art of teaching individuals in becoming acquainted with their breathing muscles and controlling them, and then learning different breathing techniques. One is taught to know the difference between shallow breathing and deep breathing and becoming acquainted with your diaphragm and abdominal muscles, then essentially learn how to tighten and relax them at will.

Her Goal
As a clinical/post-rehab exercise specialist and Pilates instructor, Sonya wants to vigorously, wholeheartedly, and conscientiously teach you how to live the fitness lifestyle. She will emphasize the necessity of a formal nutrition and an exercise program that covers all of the components of the circle of function. It includes a focus on gait mechanics, musculoskeletal strength, power and endurance, balance, flexibility, posture, aerobic conditioning, and neuromuscular reactive training. She does so by bridging the gap between physical therapy and personal training with clinical exercise physiology through Pilates.

Sonya also teaches alot of Private lessons to woman in the comforts of their home and educates them on how Pilates can improve woman's stress levels, strengthen their core, and give you them better muscle tone, and show them how Pilates can clearly have other benefits as well. She does a great job helping woman build confidence in themselves and helps them become the master of their mind and body and gain control in all areas of their life, including the bedroom. Pilates can be a way to an improved sex life and Lets face it, A healthy sex life is part of a balanced lifestyle and contributes to our overall wellness.  Keeping fit not only makes us feel better about our bodies and makes us feel sexier as women, but improves sexual function.  Pilates has specific applications for making your sex life that much better!


Personal Life/ Shhh Want to hear a secret??
Sonya is also a Barre Instructor, Cardiolates(rebounding) instructor and the creator of the new fitness crave TRAP Pilates. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but relocated to the Atlanta area in 2005. And she is also Kendall J. That name was invented because she has established a following all over the world under the brand Shhh....I DO PILATES by Kendall J . That brand is not your typical experience but one that will leave your mind as well as your body in shock and awe. Oh, and don’t judge this book by its cover as she will tell you she doesn’t fit the mold of your skinny model fitness instructor. Why?? Cause that's just not who she is... but can do everything and more than your average. Carrying a conversation with her students that range in topic while doing the workout routine without hesitation makes her class a one of a kind. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes and she is a walking example that an average woman living a healthy in great physical shape life can do. That is the goal right?  Many of her clients will tell you she put a twist to her Pilate’s routine by combining moves to groves such as top 50’s hit records that sooth the soul while burning the core. She chooses songs that fit her personality and choreographs every move to every lyric of music. No matter what age or gender you are you’re sure to meet or exceed your goals while having extreme fun. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family & dogs as well as traveling to different islands where she practices various forms of Pilates.


Lyndsey Nyland       
Yoga Instructor | Kids Instructor | Prenatal Instructor

      Yoga is a journey that connects the mind, body and breath while learning to understand oneself.  It is a system of personal development and way of healthy living, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually.

     With an extensive background in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading, I thought that yoga would be a fun and easy way to workout. After my first couple of classes I learned 3 things: That yoga was NOT as easy as I thought, that yoga is much more than just a fun workout, and that I was quickly addicted to yoga and wanted to learn as much as possible. I said to a friend one day after class, "If I could do life all over again I would absolutely become a yoga instructor." Her response, "well why can't you start now??" A year later I was certified to teach yoga!

    I am known for my authentic, non-judgemental, and always evolving philosophy. I encourage personal growth in all my students whole fostering a connection to oneself, to others, and to the universe around us.

   My classes focus alot on primal movements that make the pelvic floor more vibrant and strengthen the deepest part of the core, while weaving in inspirational quotes based around a central theme for each class. I hold relaxing but extremely beneficial Yin Yoga classes and also offer gentle restorative style yoga. Due to my degree in Early Childhood Eduaction, I thouroughly enjoy teaching fun and inspirational kids yoga classes, as I believe that yoga can be a HUGE benefit for children (and their parents!) I will tailor all my classes to fit the individual needs of each and every one of my students' personal needs though modifications of each posture.

    I am a mother, sister, daughter, and wife who enjoys life and nature to the fullest! I like to camp, hike, read, spend time with family and obviously do YOGA! I love yoga because it not only makes my body feel good, but also relaxes my mind and allows me to grow stronger, be more compassionate, and to live life more mindfully.

   I completed my 200 hour training at LiftedHeart Yoga with the amazing Cybele Steen where we experimented with new techniques influenced by the most cutting edge anatomy, in order to empower our deppest core and emphasize practising with integrity. I am extremely grateful for everything my teacher passed down to me and look forward to continuing to learn and evolve my practice everyday!



Rainbow Pilates in Suwanee, GA

Dottie Gross
Yoga/Yoga Warrior Instructor


Dottie first fell in love with yoga in 2010 after a friend suggested she try yoga to help deal with the stress of her sons deployment in Afghanistan. It helped her so much that she decided to become an instructor. Dottie teaches  Hatha Yoga as well as being trained as a Yoga Warrior Instructor. This training helps Veterans cope with PTSD through yoga.

"It is such a wonderful and rewarding practice. It's my intention to give back to the Military community whom have given so much to our country. I enjoy the peace that yoga brings to my mind, body and soul and look forward to sharing that with others...Namaste 

Alexa Idama                                
Barre/Yoga Instructor                          

Alexa was originally introduced to group fitness classes while in University over 11 years ago. Soon after she became a certified group fitness teacher. Since then she has gained further certifications as a Personal trainer, Yoga and Barre teacher.

Alexa is passionate about health of body, mind and soul. She feels incredibly blessed to be able to share her passion with others and help them on their journey to achieving better health.

In Alexa's Barre class you can expect to go through a fast paced session of challenging, innovative exercises that will help tone shape and sculpt your body like nothing else. All while having fun in a safe, understanding and encouraging environment.

See you in class!

Christine Thomas
Yoga Instructor

Alla Broudy, Rainbow Pilates in Suwanee, GA

Alla Broudy
Pilates/Yoga Instructor

Alla Broudy, RYT, is from Russia. She began practicing Yoga in 1994 and became fascinated by the rejuvenating effects of Yoga upon her body and mind. Yoga became her lifestyle. When she discovered Pilates, she realized the synergies between Yoga and Pilates and began to practice both.

Alla is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and a member of Yoga Alliance. She obtained her yoga certification though Yoga Fit. Alla also is certified by Peak Pilates as a mat and reformer instructor. She found Yoga and Pilates in her search for true whole health, and continues to explore natural and alternative methods for healing and optimum wellness. She is especially interested in the combination of exercise and nutrition to heal and to increase overall well being. Alla is constantly continuing her education by attending workshops and training to improve her techniques, presentation, and understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection.

In addition to teaching Yoga and Pilates, Alla is a Registered Dental Hygienist and continues to work in that field. She is married and has two children.


Christina Madison          
Barre Instructor  

Victoria Ladd
Yoga/Zumba and Kids Instructor

Growing up up in an active home and being involved in sports and gymnastics at a young age, later in life Victoria continued her love of fitness by becoming a Zumba instructor and found joy in helping people achieve their fitness goals.

While continuing to push her fitness limits and leaving  fulltime job to raise her 2 children she found a way to feel great physically and mentally through Yoga. Victoria is registered with the Yoga Alliance and completed her 200hr training at Infinity Yoga. She has been teaching since the moment she finish her training. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to make yoga accessible for all body types and all levels of experience.

Jodi Nash  
Yoga Instructor

200 hour RYT...specializing in Power Vinyasa. Certified since '08, at Core Power Yoga in San Diego, CA.

Jodi believes that everyone deserves the experience of peace and release of tension/stress that vinyasa yoga offers. It's definitely a workout that will make you sweat and detox, yet leaves you feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated. Jodi will encourage you to challenge yourself, to build strength and flexibility, while reminding you to always honor your body by being gentle and loving toward yourself.

You will learn to breath in a way that is both grounding and energizing. By connecting breath with movement in yoga, you are able to stay focused on how your body is feeling and reacting, while eliminating outside distractions and self judgment. Jodi's class will allow you to feel at ease in your body, and comfortable on your yoga mat.




Lisa Hart
Yoga/Barre/ Pilates and the Kids Zumba Instructor 

Lisa Hart has been teaching fitness classes for about 5 years. She currently teaches Pilates Yoga, Barre, Barre Vite, Zumba and other dance formats. Lisa has always enjoyed group fitness and loves teaching. "It's the experience of instructing group fitness that is truly special. I am blessed to have the opportunity to assist in changing people's health and help them obtain their fitness goals. I find myself smiling every time I go to teach!"

Lisa is happily married and has a 8 year old son. She is a former competitive gymnast, ice show chorus skater and has a Master's Degree in Counseling & Psychological Services.

Aimee Rodrigues
Barre Instructor

Stephanie Forrester
Pilates/Yoga/Body Sculting Instructor


Ben Ryan                Lynn Kelly                    Emily Marabotto

Mixxed Fit Instructor      Yoga Instructor                     Yoga Instructor

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