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Lay out the Pilates Mat for a Healthier You

Do you find driving to the huge gyms to get in shape inconvenient? Rainbow Pilates makes getting in shape more convenient and fun for you. Our Suwanee, GA, company holds effective exercises with an array of different classes in our beautiful Studio that will help you get in shape, look great, and tighten your abs!

Woman Doing Yoga, Pilates Exercises in Suwanee, GA
Doing Yoga, Pilates Exercises in Suwanee, GA

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We pay major attention to detail when it comes to your form to ensure that you use our exercises correctly. Some of the many personalized programs we offer include:

Studio Rates 

Silver: $199 per month 

Unlimited Group Classes including Mat Pilates, Shhh I do Pilates, Trap Pilates, Yoga, Cardiolates, Cardioblast, Barre and HuBolates (over 120+ classes per month) and access to Live stream of Shhh I do Pilates classes & 1 Private Pilates session per week

Gold: $89 per month

Unlimited Group Classes, including Mat Pilates,  Shhh I do Pilates, Trap Pilates, Yoga, Cardiolates, Cardioblast, Barre and HuBolates and any of our Mommy & Me or Prenatal Classes


Economy Plus: $69 per month

3 Group Classes per week of either Mat Pilates, Shhh I do Pilates, Trap Pilates, Yoga, Cardiolates, Cardioblast, Barre, HuBolates and any of our Mommy & Me or Prenatal classes (12 classes per month @ $5.75 per class)

Economy: $59 per month

2 Group Classes per week of either  Mat Pilates, Shhh I do Pilates,  Trap Pilates, Yoga, Cardiolates, Cardioblast, Barre, HuBolates and any of our Mommy & Me or Prenatal classes (8 classes per month @ $7.40 per class)


Drop In Regular Group Class: $15

Student Rates (ages 4 - 18) : $39-$49 per month

Group Schedule Include


• Cardiolates & CardioBlast
     (Cardio Workout on a Trampoline)
• Mat Pilates (classical & Shhh I do Pilates)


• Yoga
   (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Gentle Restorative, Ashtanga & Prenatal)
• Barre & HuBolates

Private Pilates/Yoga Available Punch Cards Available










December 9th @ 3:00 pm

This class will be during our customer appreciation day from 2-5. We will have Venders, Wine, Food, Giveways and LOTS OF FUN!!!!

Members is free...Guest is $5.00 for the class

Call us for more details 678-765-8110

Dance Parties available


Do you have a teen who wants to hold their SWEET 16th party somewhere FUN or just a kid that wants to do something different? We hold fitness parties where we provide Zumba or dance for up to 5 hours. They select the music and can have food and just a GREAT time amongst friends. Call us for more details

Exercise to be healthy!!!

More than a "resolution"... for us, it's a lifestyle.

Announcing Trap Pilates

NEXT CLASS: January 27th @ 3:00 pm 

When R&B/Trap Music meets fast paced Core Burning Pilates. Kendall J will lead an hour packed class full of Atlanta Trap Music and more wanting you to turn your Pilates experiecnce into a club on you mat. You will SWEAT... BURN...and most importantly  HAVE FUN!!!! If you like rap music and want to be introduced to Pilates or even a novice this experience is for you!

FOR more INFO on TRAP PILATES please visit

Also to book for your location please call 678-765-8110

Choose Us for Pilates
We are Metro Atlanta's premiere group fitness Studio. We specialize in group fitness because we believe in it, its effectiveness, its social camaraderie, its highly motivational engagement, and the energy it creates in the classroom. We are the leader in fitness creativity and exciting new class options. We consistently add the newest, freshest program types keeping our workouts fun, effective, and safe.

Our friendly and informative approach to Pilates is the hallmark of our service. Our entire approach is different, as we give our clients options. We can travel to the comfort of your surroundings or you can choose to come to our Suwanee location for Pilates, Yoga, Cardiolates, Barre and/or HuBolates or you can even login via our live STREAMED classes and take a class from wherever you are.

Ideally, you begin with a series of private lessons, or depending on your fitness level start with a beginners Pilates or Hatha Yoga class that will allow us to hone in on your particular needs, goals, and physical limitations due to posture, injury, or comfort level. We then design a customized menu of Pilates exercises to address those areas. For the more advanced client, private lessons or our signature SHHH I do PILATES class can focus on a particular challenge or address general strength, flexibility, and precision goals. Contact us now to talk with our team about your needs or if you are ready to get started, simply print the Sign up forms and bring them in and immediately join in on any group class.

If you're a group fitness junkie, you'll love this place. Group fitness isn't a side note for us. We keep our classes fresh, because leotards are a thing of the past. Not a group fitness junkie yet?? You will be soon!!!

Call us today at (678) 765-8110 to schedule an appointment for Pilates exercises.